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Hallo !


We are Gijs & Vera, nice to meet you.


Besides love that we’ve shared with each other for almost a decade, there is something else we share: a mutual passion for art & design. In 2020, this resulted into our very own art studio: Atelier Kønst. 


Although new and exciting, this is not the first time we’ve each decided to work in the creative field. Gijs, being an architect, works with shapes and lines daily.

Vera is much into colors, volume and textures and uses these for her job as a fashion stylist. On top of that, the Scandinavian countries she visits during her travels working as a model, always inspire her for new drawings & designs.


We believe your home should be the place you most desire. With Atelier Kønst, it is our aim to help you achieve just that – to create a place that comforts and inspires you. A place you leave smiling and look forward to coming home to, every day. 


All the items we offer are handmade by us at our home in Amsterdam. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!

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